my dad got married at the church of the glowing grave

A few years back I went night riding with my wife and her best friend. We hit Clinton Rd, the Kill Yourself Bridge, as well as the glowing grave of Montville (Sorry the links to the pics are bad but go there anyway for some more info. We were there a good half hour at 3am trying to find it but to no avail.

Yesterday my dad got married and I’m following my gps directions and all of a sudden I realize that he’s getting married at the same church where the glowing grave is! We were there for the rehearsal and afterwards I told my son about it. “Supposedly if you pull your car in somewhere about here… you can see a–holy crap there it is!” By accident I had positioned my car in the right spot to see the glowing grave. But of course, it’s nothing supernatural, it’s reflecting my headlights. So why this is even worthy of discussion I don’t know.

What’s interesting is the day of the wedding I had to go with the minister to sign the documents as I was a witness to the wedding. I decided to ask him and he said very matter of factly that yes there is a glowing grave, no it has nothing to do with reflecting headlights, and he wouldn’t say any more about it. Was he pulling my leg? Was he telling the truth? More investigation is required….


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