herkimer diamond mining

I am sun burnt, sore from sledge-hammering rocks, and exhausted from a butt-numbing drive home. So this is a brief summary of my memorial day weekend…

I left work an hour early so I could get a head start on the drive up to herkimer, NY, but these plans were derailed when my wife had to stop by a lawyers office and pick up some paper work. We did run into traffic and ended up having to find our camp site and assemble our tent in the dark. Neither went well. I also neglected to factor int hat while it may have been 75-80 during the day it got to 50 at night which is pretty damn cold.

We went to Ace of Diamonds and we spent 3 hrs hammering rocks to no avail. Maybe we were unlucky, or maybe we just didn’t have a clue what kind of rocks made good candidates. perhaps both. We headed out to lunch and almost didn’t return, and it’s a good thing we did because when we came back we switched to digging in the dirt and found 40 diamonds. most were useless, but 2 were suitable to be made into pendants, several made for good earrings and we found a bunch of tiny ones that might make for a nice eternity ring. The jeweler at the other mine said our 3 best finds were worth $75 total as they were and once put into settings could sell for $200-250. Of course they won’t be sold.

The next day we headed back there again and had less luck but came out with perhaps 25 diamonds. We haven’t cleaned them or given them any kind of examination so we really don’t know what we have. All I do know is we got a damn good sunburn and we wore ourselves the fuck out. We made friends with the people in the site next to ours and Andy had fun playing with their kids.

Today we didn the Howe Caverns tour which awesome. It proved a good test for the night vision feature of my new camcorder (which is the reason why I chose it over other models). I can say without question it works fabulously. I tried shooting without it and you literally couldn’t see a thing. With the night vision mode on, think Survivor-cam after tribal council. I can’t wait to assemble our home movie footage. I’m even more keen to get our diamonds made into jewelry but first we have to really give them a good cleaning.

Photos and full story are forthcoming.


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