Paintball attacks in midgetville

About a month ago, 3 teenagers shot a guy in the head in Totowa with paintballs. I have no idea why they would choose to attack someone that way, but the location is the long rumored midgetville, a section of Totowa which has very small houses. Small houses = small people or so the theory goes. The short u shaped street has long has problem with people coming thru at 3am yelling and screaming, looking for midgets.

There are no midgets.

There never were any midgets.

The houses were built as small vacation bungalows and, like many such vacation retreats became year round housing as NJ became more and more densely populated. The man suffered a cracked skull and is lucky he didn’t lose an eye or worse. I play paintball and know how dangerous these flying projectiles can be if they hit you in an unprotected area, especially the head. They travel at over 160 feet a second and if they hit you int he eye, you’re going to be blind if not worse. If they hit you in the ear you will likely go deaf. In this guy’s case he was “lucky” to only have suffered a fractured skull. Luckily they caught these jagoffs.

Although the idea of nightriding has a long history, this was the first known attack on the residents of midgetville. Unfortunately it wasn’t the last as it happened again yesterday. A trio of girls shot a woman in the head and chest and luckily they were caught as well. They were arrested and released into the custody of their parents.

These are aren’t harmless pranks. This isn’t nightriding. This is assault plain and simple. These kids deserved to be arrested and put in jail. They seriously injured one man and although the article doesn’t state if the woman was injured, I am sure at a minimum she has severe bruising. This bullshit has got to stop.


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  3. I play paintball. I too know how paintful it can be to be shot on bare skin, BUT there is NO WAY a paintball can fracture someones skull. Ive been hit in the head myself plenty of times and the most I got was a big bump. Now unless these kids were using frozen paintballs or solid pellets, normal paintballs cannot and will not fracture any bones, period.

    With that being said, I do not condone shooting people with paintball guns for fun. Paintball guns are not toys as said in this article, if you are shot in the eye, you can go blind and possibly more serious injuries can occur.


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