4×4 adventures

So we were up in Sussex County on 206 and I passed this place I’d seen numerous times before and wanted to check out but never did. John pointed out there was a water tower (something I’d never noticed) So I wasn’t planning on stopping but decided, why not? So there was no place to park so we turned on a side road and I see a dirt trail with tire tracks and I said *I’ve got a 4×4!!!!*.

Dude, it’s a Honda CRV. get a grip. Well I drop down this trail and I quickly realized the trail was meant more for ATV’s then wanna be 4x4s. So after I take one difficult turn I her something.. odd. I stop and find that a tree branch about the thickness of a … I dunno, but it was about an inch and a half wide and 9 inches long so you make your own analogy… was wedged between the rim and the … (I’m lousy at naming auto parts) .. ummm.. rear axle.

I managed to free it and i see that the hose leading to the brakes is mucked up. but I’m not leaking anything. Brakes tested ok. I got kinda freaked (cause my wife hates when I offroad with the car) and decided going further into the mountains with iffy brakes wasn’t my idea of fun. We explored, then decided to explore some of the wonderful barns and buildings we had seen on the drive up along 206/15/94 and so forth. God that whole area is like heaven.

Anyway, today I went to the mechanic across the street. turns out if was the emergency brake line. a metal wire encased in a rubber tube. No harm, no foul (it worked fine). Had this been the other hose I would’ve had no brakes at all.

Gotta be careful out there!

Originally posted April 2005


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