Big Broad featured on Colbert Report

By definition, a mufflerman is a 20-30 foot tall fiberglass character, typically male, used to draw attention to a local business. The original mufflermen were built from 1963-1973 and according to Roadside America, no more are made since the original molds have long since been destroyed. They mostly made humans, with the exception of a dinosaur for the Sinclair oil company. Large fiberglass animals are not mufflerman by definition, though most folks call them that anyway. Nowadays there are lots of fiberglass people and animals all about. If it was made after 1973, it’s not a true original mufflerman!

The only female ever made is known as The Big Broad, and she came in two versions: one with a dress & skirt, and one with bikini top and bottom.


Sierra Exif JPEG

video of Stephen Colbert’s “Difference Makers”

Apparently the owner has painted the Big Broad with a US flag skirt, and no one else is patriotic enough to do the same. I love how, at the end, Del Buono’s covers all their animals with flags when they hear it helped sales! Note to Stephen: it’s the Black Horse *Pike* not the Black Horse Turnpike. Why does everyone think that if it’s in Jersey it must be the turnpike?

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