Solomon’s castle and other strange Florida homes

me, mrs lij and andy will be going to Florida soon and so I’ve scrounged for some good places to go and sadly a lot of the more interesting stuff is simply not possible to do on a vaction, too far away. That’s one of 99 great things about jersey: absolutely nothing is so far away it can;t be visited in a day cause nothing is more then 3 hrs away by car.

Anyway I specifically checked out a few things and have a list including solmon’s castle, another house of the future, a house that is a carbon copy of graceland, and another one that looks like a battleship. That last one the guy is supposed to be a real wackjob nut case. I just got off the phone w/the daughter of the owner of solomon’s castle asking if I could snag an interview. Midway thru saying yes she asked if I’d heard of Weird Florida. ::) Anyway, yes I have, And it’s on my *to buy* list, so I really should get it this week, something to read on the plane, or maybe even give me some more ideas of what to visit.

We also plan to check out the a graveyard of nothing but circus performers, and I mean real circus performers, like from the 40’s and 50’s and such. No idea if we’ll find it or it’ll be cool, but I imagine the headstones will be worth the site. I hope. His daughter told me that she owns a small house and wants a bigger house so she’s building a bigger house outside the smaller house. In other words there will be a house-in-a-house. Sounds like something from Green Eggs & Ham but thats what she told me!

originally posted October 2005

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