Weird NJ 2007 Halloween party (and I’m the poster boy!)

I was the poster boy for the 2008 WNJ party video on you tube

If it’s hallloween it must be time for the annual wnj party. We went to see Saw IV before the party and honestly I can’t think of any movie recently where you absolutely MUST have seen the previous movie to understand this movie, particularly the twist at the end. The movie can be a tad confusing because it tells Jigsaw’s history in backflashes, and then the twist… well… it’s one of the better twists I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. Actually, there are two twists… and I won’t reveal them…

After the movie we headed right over to the Loop Lounge and got there at 645 and Mark Scuerman was there just setting up. He yelled at me for being too early. I wanted to make sure I was there to get my free autographed copy of the new Weird US board game. I opened it up this am and it looks pretty cool… and I have two copies now. Muhahahhaaa…

I dressed as a typical Bergen County Democrat, so I was in shackles and had 100’s and 50’s sticking out of my pocket. I told everyone that the charges against me were completely false, the idea that I gave that guy no-bid contracts for money. I really did it for the hookers and the coke. I am also switching to Hudson County because I figure I can get 70% of the dead vote (Dawn was dressed as a zombie). Some of my campaign slogans:

Remember to vote early and vote often
There’s no such thing as small bribes, only small favors.
Hudson County: where the dead can vote.
“I’m going to screw you, but at least I’m honest about it!”

I was in the costume contest against a tall witch, a jersey devil-ess (in a bikini… gimme a break) the pink lady, the edison memorial light tower. The 2nd place guy was a guy who literally burned parts of his suit and smear dark patches on his face, and represented Aldo’s a restaurant that recently burned down. The winner was a lady who dressed up as Rutt’s Hut, the hot dog place noty too far from where the party was.

While there a lady told my wife she had seen my website and thought I was a good photographer and then reffered to me as stuofdoom. my wife corrected her that I was LIJ… now she knew who stuofdoom was because she knew he just published a book, but she did really seem to mean my site… so… wtf? What I don’t figure is how she could’ve known that I have any website at all? It’s not like my face is in any of the photos on the site and I didn’t mention to anyone last night that I have a website…


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