Looking for two headstones in Bergen County

A WNJ article states that on E Allendale Rd in Saddle River somewhere near grist mill lane is a church with a cemetery. In that cemetery is a tombstone that says “EVIL”. The church has a tall steeple. I found the Zion Church near E Saddle River Road but no grave remotely resembled this thing. is this the right cemetery?

A playground at a school on Pinelynn Rd in Glen Rock supposedly has a headstone/grave in it. I visited and there is a school there and there is a playground there. No headstone though. Anyone know anything about this?

I also was advised of the following:

I’m looking for information on a small graveyard just outside Princeton. If you’re driving from Rt. 1 towards Princeton on Washington Road, you see it off in a field on the right (northeast) side of the road. There’s an old stone wall about 4 feet tall around the graves, and there are a couple of large trees growing in the middle. The whole area is a square about 30 feet on a side. It’s really overgrown, and most of the headstones are falling over. They look really old- I could make out some 17xx dates. Anybody know the story behind this place?

Anybody know anything about this place?


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