Geocaching in Button Woods

My third visit to Button Woods was because someone placed a geocache there. Before heading over to the geocache I decided to drive around and see if the “monster of Button Woods” was still around. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of his yard as I drove by. The yard is as wreck with garbage and piles of household debris everywhere. Luckily he wasn’t home.


I quickly circled around and found an area where I could safely park, then headed down an ATV carved trail towards the river. I debated putting on my hip waders but decided against it. I hoped the path wasn’t going to be too marshy for me to walk in sneakers. After maybe 1/4 mile of hiking I found myself behind a building burnt down by arsonists a few years back. The tiny fingers of a stream were growing into a muddy mess. I realized that there had to better access thru another street and returned to my car.

I crossed the river and headed north to find a better access point and as I did I noticedx a sign that said Belvidere Island. I looked down and saw a set of stairs leading to the waters edge, and looking across the river I saw a boat with a rope crossing the river. The boat was tied to a dock on the island, where 5 or 6 houses sat quietly in the middle of the river. I couldn’t believe anyone lived on an island in the middle of the river. They must get flooded every spring and during hurricanes. I also noticed down the road a trail leading across the river. I imagine a Hummer could cross this if the river was low and slow as it was today. I also noticed electrical & phone wires crossing the river at this point too.

I continued on north, crossed the river and found a small enclave of houses equally as close to the river. I found myself on Buttonwoods Ave. Apparently there were two sections to Button Woods and now I was in the primary part. This area wasn’t nearly as creepy or decrepit as the other section. That said, I still heard banjo’s in the background. J/K. I also heard gunshots. not kidding. I quickly found the geocache and headed back to civilization.


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  1. Posted by Carly on December 22, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    Wow, this is wicked. I’d be way too nervous to get a geocache there. P.S. Was your photo in the second Weird NJ book?


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