The tunnels of Tweed

A WARNING: The tunnels are easily accessed and in themselves represent no real danger, however one of the tunnels has collapsed (it’s 100% impassable) so you never know how really safe it is. You MUST bring flashlights. Also beware of the garbage and debris. There is broken glass around so in case it’s not obvious: don’t bring children here. Also to access one tunnel you must climb thru a hole in the wall into a chamber. There was a log there to exit back out should you choose to not proceed thru the tunnel. It is not easy to climb in, not easy to climb out. Do so only if you are prepared to go thru with it.

Tweed is also known as the Bluefields Rifle Range. Built in 1910 in in Orangeburg, NY it was meant to replace an old rifle range on Long Island. The base was closed after 3 years because of several problems, including a long commute for the troops, the fact that they had to aim into the sun, and the fact that bullets kept landing in the town below. The government donated the 352 acres to the Palisades Interstate park Commission but the land continued to be used periodically for such things as ROTC training, and for training of soldiers from nearby Fort Shanks. The land stopped being used for such purposes at the end of WWII and ever since then, time has reclaimed the land, which now exists as a public park. Nearly all the original buildings have been torn down or collapsed, so there is very little left of Camp Bluefields except for the tunnels. The tunnels were used as a way to get around the base, avoiding the live fire that was constantly taking place. Now all that remains are these tunnels, and they are quite creepy. There are a half dozen tunnels that run in a staircase pattern, varying between 1,000 and 3,000 feet long. There are no lights except for a little crack of light coming thru what appear to be gun holes spaced every 10-20 feet.

The area is covered with graffiti and garbage, presumably from kids drinking and fooling around, and there are numerous legends associated with these tunnels. There are stories about dead bodies being dumped by the mob, satanic rituals and sacrifices, as well as phantom dogs and even ghosts. I am sure much of this is nothing more then campfire tales told by kids who are high and or stoned, however, there may be a basis for some of these stories…


The Hole is an opening in the rocks maybe 8 feet off from a walkway between tunnels. If you lower yourself into the hole, which is about 3 feet wide, you enter a chamber underground. Once down there you can travel perhaps 200 feet before the chamber ends. In this chamber is what some folks call “the grave” because it looks like an open grave. At one point the grave was filled with water, so apparently someone tried to remove the water, and said, “hey there’s some sort of sewer tunnel, let’ break into the tunnel and we can dump the water in there.” brain fucking surgeons. They actually succeeded in cracking the pipe open…

Anyway, this probably is where the story about dead bodies comes from. Almost as strange is a shrine of candles we found at the back of the chamber. Perhaps a half dozen candles were back there, along with some gas canisters like for a lantern or portable stove. Were these candles used in rituals or for praying to Satan? or were they used as light for a homeless guy? You decide.

A word of warning about the hole. There are concrete supports in the ceiling thru the chamber. They jut down about 2 feet and the distance between ground and ceiling decreased the farther you head back, so you are forced to duck under them. You can crawl past them but that’s a pain in the ass, so I decided to walk, do a 3 count then duck, do a 3 count, etc etc, Well at one point I miscounted and stood up too soon and whacked myself so bad I had a scar on the top of my head for over 6 weeks, and a bump for nearly a month!

The initial tunnel we encountered when we got there was collapsed about 100 yards down, so we turned around, followed a graffiti covered wall and then came upon … nothing. We discovered that if we climbed thru a hole in the wall into a chamber, then climbed thru another hole into an adjacent chamber, and then another hole into a third chamber, we came upon the remains of a stairwell that normally would’ve connected to the tunnel. it was filled, and I mean FILLED with garbage, and we were all a tad nervous, not knowing who or what we might encounter.

It was down this tunnel that my light began to falter (apparently the battery is only good for 45 minutes… I have since learned to use another light as the primary, and this one for temporary bright illumination…) This tunnel goes down, then goes uphill, and when we saw the end, we saw two things that stopped us in our tracks. We saw a figure standing at the end with its arms crossed…. and we saw what appeared to be an animal groveling amongst the garbage…. the animal turned out to be a stump, and the figure….

turned out to be nothing more then graffiti…

From here we passed a few old structures with nothing in them except gay porn and no interesting features or aspects. We then hit the hole as mentioned earlier, and from there we headed out. There were a few more tunnels but to be honest they all seemed the same and we wanted to get on to the rest of the exploration. On our hike up the trail we saw the result of a car accident in which the driver went off road. Just a reminder that there are dangers on the roads as well on the trails….

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  3. […] of it before. I have to say that once I read about it I knew I had to pay a visit to the haunted tunnels of Tweed. Not much information was available on where exactly the tunnels were situated, but once I took a […]


  4. […] of it before. I have to say that once I read about it I knew I had to pay a visit to the haunted tunnels of Tweed. Not much information was available on where exactly the tunnels were situated, but once I took a […]


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  9. […] A fire on Clausland Mountain is finally under control after more then 24 hours. Several homes were threatened, but local firefighters were able to prevent any damage to them. The mountain is more than 300 acres of woodlands with hiking trails thru out. The mountain is home to the Bluefields Rifle range, more commonly known as the tunnels of tweed […]


  10. Posted by Dalton on September 25, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    This thread hasn’t been that active but hey! I’m not a local of nyack & been fasinated about the tunnels since middle school. I still haven’t got to see them yet but only read a few story’s about them online & honestly it sucks 😦 I’ve heard about the hauntings, the devil worshipers & just it being a cool place to hang and chill or to explore but honestly one day I’d like to put a ad in the newpaper of locals of nyack to contact me to hear peoples own stories of growning up there & publish them to give more people information. Not sure how long it will take for someone to see this but if you have any stories of you’re own please reply! Thanks


  11. Posted by The Supreme Omega Commander on May 8, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    For more information on this topic and the below post see this blog:
    I am the “Jon” this article speaks of


  12. Posted by The Supreme Omega Commander on May 8, 2013 at 12:16 PM

    Yes the Omega Men were real. From 1987 to 1991 they patrolled and explored that area. However they were as far from Satanists as you can get. They were a group of students from the Bible college and the Seminary in Nyack. Their goal in patrolling those woods was to ascertain the validity of the many rumors that surrounded those tunnels. I can tell you in my four years of being back at those tunnels nearly once a week I never saw evidence of a single real satanic ritual or murderous event. Plenty of partying and drug use and lots of garbage. Yes the graffiti made dire claims and predictions of doom but reality was far more benign. Why did the Omega Men spray paint their name all over the tunnels… simple vandalism which I regret.
    Any questions? Post them here. I will check in once and a while to answer them if any are posted


  13. Posted by D cook on March 30, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    I’ve gone since I was a kid from jersey. When I was in high school 98 rumor was a teachers from old Tappan high daughter committed suicide up their in th 80 . Supposedly it was of satanic nature. Now I’m 33 and take my kids and there friends


  14. Posted by Project School Kid on November 28, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    In the mid-1970s with other kids and sometimes teachers from our nearby school (the Rockland Project School in Blauvelt) I used to go to those tunnels pretty frequently. I never heard the Tweed name before, we just referred to them as the Gun Tunnels. Back then there was some graffiti, mostly related to the band Black Sabbath. There was some garbage near the entrance to the tunnel that leads to a bunch of connected chambers under that big concrete wall with the spikes in it for climbing. But for the most part, it was clean, very interesting, and pretty damned spooky. From inside that tunnel you could hear people walking on the top of it. (Real people, not ghosties, duh.) It’s no surprise that this place would attract violent people and be the site of some bad events. It has that kind of vibe. Still, we had some fine, fun times there — always in broad daylight.


  15. Posted by Louis on September 5, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    I was there yesterday, and I think it a vary interesting place, I thank everyone who has contributed to the clarification of the history. There are so many questions I would like to ask in terms of its historic significance.
    What boggles me is what kind of an idiot would leave garbage like that, I think all who want to go there should take a garbage bag and brig some of it back!

    I say lets clean up this place dammit!!!!


  16. Posted by SaySatin on March 17, 2011 at 9:31 PM

    So i’ll come right out and say, I believe in satanism. One day I was up there with my friends. As we walk into this small gathering of rocks we pass a huge rock, perfectly clean except for a few scratches. We were going to smoke and drink a little when we hearing rustling then the most horrible, and scary scream I have ever heard. It was definetley a person, I wanted to go help but the sound of him just made me panic and we ran, we could still hear him yelling after a few minutes of running. But then sudenly it stopped, there was dead silence, then a second later we just heard something being dragged very faintly. We rushed back to find the rock splattered with blood and peices of meat. A trail of blood lead off a cliff that dropped off about 50 feet, then we heard some more movign and it was a kid who looked around 17 coming out from a bush with the most shocked and horrified look on his face i coudln’t describe it. Then after a few minutes of trying to talk to him he suddenly started slowly crawling towards the edge. My friend Doug tried grabbing for him but it was too late, he sort of just flung himself off the edge. The next day his body was found and so was the body of the first boy almost completely dismembered.


    • there are many carnivorious animals that live in that area of NY. I was hiking today and saw a rabbit torn up by bobcats it seemed. I spend lots of time in the woods, and this is the work of some larger meat eating animals that inhabit those woods. They are safe to hunt back there because no one is hunting them.


  17. Posted by Jessica on March 17, 2011 at 8:47 PM

    I went there today, and didn’t find any tunnels 😦


  18. Posted by epal on November 20, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    me and like 20 friends headed up there last night at like 10ish and it is one creepy place. we did bring a couple girls and a couple pussy guys so we couldnt say that long, but we saw four figures all in black cloaks sitting in a circle not moving. also my friend also saw a figure at the top of the trail and walk away from us into the woods. when we got to the tunnels itself we went all the way in until we hit(it must have been a foot of )mud. after the mud it looked like steps that lead down to something but we didnt go cause of the mud. every minnute at tweed, you feel like you are being watched and followed. i believe that the so called omega men are real because we have visual proof. just go there for yourself and see if you do not believe all of the crazy shit that happens here.


  19. Posted by tom on January 7, 2010 at 12:03 AM

    me andmy friends just visted these tunnels and the first thing we say by the first tunnel was a tree that was on fire. and soo many boot prins in the snow and it just snowed that day. and my friends went there a year prior and saw two people in black cloths in the tunnel and then they her a loud gong or loud banging and they just diped out back to the car.


  20. Posted by Charlie on April 7, 2009 at 9:18 AM

    good sight,i was researching the tunnels now known to me as the tweed tunnels,my wife grew upin nyack and took me there when we where dating,i was curious as to their tyrue nature,so researched it,thanks for ur sighjt i now know,she had said that it was an old military place,i guess dhe was right,and yes it is creepy,and yes i found out that a few bodys ahave been dumped there,one recently dismembered in 2003,well thanks,ltr


    • Posted by Kyle on May 29, 2009 at 2:00 PM

      Hey man. My best friend was one of the kids who found the dismembered corpse in 2003. Him and some of our other friends went to go check out the tunnels, and saw a pair of Jordan’s in what is known as “The Grave”. When they went to go retrieve them, they realized a leg was attached. They ran back to the road and flagged down a cop who thought they were full of shit. They brought him back up and he soon realized this was a serious situation. I’ve still got the local paper with the picture of the foot and the mention of my friends. Good memories hahah.


      • Posted by Sasha on March 2, 2010 at 3:16 PM

        “good memories”? that’s fucked up.


        • Posted by E on April 23, 2010 at 7:06 PM

          ahhh i remember that incedent i was only like 4 i just wen t to the tunnel last year and went to the grave… now i know thats where they found the body… Creepy


  21. Posted by taylor on April 7, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Me and a few friends were thinking about going to, and exploring the “tweed tunnels.” We have done our research on stories about it and it comes off very appealing. Is there anythign you can tell me about this place, exactly where it is. we know its right over the tapenzee bridge in blauvelt state park, but if there is anythign else you can tell us, we’d appreciate it.


    • Posted by Kyle on May 29, 2009 at 2:03 PM

      You’re gonna wanna park at Tackamack Park, then walk the marked trail. You will cross a residential street and enter what should be a patch of pine trees. Follow the turquoise spray paint that marks the trail and you should find your way to the tunnel. Make sure you bring a backpack with flashlights, batteries, some water, and maybe a few granola bars. (Collapse is a very real risk and you would want all these things in the event that it does occur) Also, maybe it’s just cause I’m a local and I’ve grown up with the legends of this place, but I always bring a small knife with me in my pocket just in case. Fucked up shit has gone down up there.


    • Check out this site. These hikers are serious and documented their own map. Pretty accurate. Im from the area and never been there. Best thing to do is use their amp and Print the same area in google and make your adjustments.

      I am doing research right now and going this weekend. Good luck!


      • Posted by Tom on October 20, 2013 at 4:22 PM

        This is an extremely old thread, but I figured why not comment and hope someone sees my comment in their email? Anyways, you said that there was a website where hikers documented there own map, but you didn’t post a link. I was wondering if you still had it by any chance.


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