The Gun Club beneath the elementary school

I won’t reveal where this school is or even what town it is in because I don’t want to break the promise I gave to those who spoke to me.

I was told by some parents I know that up until 10 years ago there was a gun club beneath my son’s school. In this post-Columbine era it seems surreal that any school would allow firearms to be used on school property. When you think Gun Club, you think firing range (which it was) with targets a distance away & row after row of stalls with men firing pistols while wearing ear protection. In this case, it was more of a rifle club because supposed the “club” was in a “room” only 4-5 feet tall, and one had to crawl into it, and then lay on their belly sniper style and take shots at the targets. Sounds like Army Ranger training school to me…

The club only met at night, but eventually the PTA complained to the administration that during meetings they could hear gunfire & it was distracting. Based on that (and I presume, a backlash after Columbine) the club was closed around 1997. Supposedly it remains there now, locked up forever, as it has no other potential use due to it’s low ceiling.

Like many Weird NJ stories, everybody’s heard of it, but nobody can remember where it is… I’ve been told several different stories, and the one that I heard most often is that it was located underneath the school gymnasium. Allegedly the only entrance was a set of doors from the play yard, but stories circulated that there was also an entrance from within the basement. I was even told there was a trap door in the gymnasium floor that led to the gun club.


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  1. Posted by Phil on March 9, 2009 at 5:15 PM

    I found your article concerning the shooting range under the school very amusing if for no other reason then the amount of misinformation it contained and omitted. I used to live across the street and have been inside the range as an adult a few times. One can easily walk around in there without crawling on one’s stomach. One also does not have to lie on his stomach to shoot. Now, even though there is a small firing range down there it was rarely used for that purpose and served mostly as a meeting and trophy room for the club which shot it’s weapons in other locations. The reason being problems with insufficient ventilation, and internal noise when using higher caliber weapons. Although, I don’t ever recall seeing anyone using anything larger then a .22 rifle or .38 revolver.

    One has to remember that the building was designed and built for a time in America before it became a nation of California sissies and the National Rifle Association an incarnate arm of Satan. The gun club taught and practiced the safe handling of firearms.Since I lived across the street I can attest to the fact that it was never used at night! Furthermore, it was never used during school hours. The range was accessible from within the school yard through an entrance similar in design to the Kansas tornado cellar door seen in the “Wizard of Oz “.Finally since I attended the school for eight years while growing up, I can also attest to the fact that most of the kids that went to Bixby didn’t know there was a shooting range down there. We thought it was a storage area for the Janitors.


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