Affordable Furniture: A Dead Business

Is this simply a macabre marketing ploy? Or the rantings of a business owner who’s about to close his doors forever?

The headstones bore the mangled names of the lawyers who represented the mother of his children, (along with some rather derogatory remarks, such as calling one lawyer a fat pig). Needless to say the lawyers weren’t happy. Richard Sutton, owner of Affordable Furniture and Home Carpet, said the promotion accomplished two things: it generated more business and it made his ex-girlfriend mad. “It was therapy for me because I was able to bury her lawyers.” Albert Cohn, one of the ex-girlfriends lawyers was surprised by the stunt. “We’ll hold him responsible.” Sutton expected such a response but doubted the lawyers can do anything to him. The town of Hackensack is another story though.

The hearse was blocking the public sidewalk, and he defaced public property when he painted the sidewalk. Tickets were issued, which Sutton fought unsuccessfully. He removed the hearse, the paint and the headstones. He changed the design in the front window….


So was it worth it? Two months later the business was dead. Did the promotion and negative publicity cause him to go down? Or was he going down anyway and he thought he would have fun on the ride? Sutton isn’t saying, but it seems clear that his glib attitude was all false bravado as business was not up during the promotion. Whatever the reason, Mr Sutton got pleasure out of one of the last things he did before his business closed its doors….


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