The Lou Costello statue

Louis Francis Costello was born on March 6, 1906 in Paterson, N.J. In 1936 he met William Alexander Abbott on the burlesque circuit where he often worked as the straight man. Although they were popular locally, it wasn’t until they appeared on the Kate Smith Radio Hour, performing what would soon become known as their classic signature skit, “Who’s On First,” that they would find true stardom. Located in Federici park, this statue commemorates the famous “Who’s on First Routine” and the local comedian who performed it so well. Abbott & Costello are the only people in the Baseball Hall of Fame who never played, coached or had any direction connection the baseball.


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  1. […] of course, people have rubbed statues for luck, from Abraham Lincoln’s nose in Illinois to Lou Costello’s shoe in Paterson, N.J., to the snout of the Porcellino boar in Florence to various parts of the charging […]


  2. Posted by Guillermo on April 8, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    im from Paterson, NJ alsow!!!!!!!!!!!! im living in Prospect Park, now. worse place 2 live in. i thought that no one was famous from Paterson, but until i knew Lou


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