The Ottillio Office complex

You could drive past the Otillio office complex and not give it a second glance as it is off set and below the roadway itself. But on second look you begin to notice certain architectural and design elements. The massive columns creating the central opening and doorway certainly stand out. Like the giant chain links that create a pseudo wall. Or the giant bell by the parking area, with the large gate and ornate scrollwork on it.

Inside the complex it becomes even more unique. From the detailed carvings on the push bars on the doors, to the elaborate railings on the elegant stairway to the little garden next to the stairs to the wooden chest, you realize there is something a bit more extravagant then normal about this place.

The Ottillio Complex was fashioned from elements salvaged from landmarks being torn down, including the Japanese Pavilion at the World’s Fair, columns from Barnert Hospital, the Transportation Building at the World’s Fair and the from the 7-Up Pavilion, not to mention the Paramount theatre. The railing came from an abandoned subway station, and the chain links from a pier being brought down on the Hudson.

The project took over 15 years to complete, during which time Carmen Ottillio searched thru rubble and thru buildings about to become rubble to see what was striking or unusual. He then brought the pieces here and created something entirely new from these old & useless (to some) pieces.





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