My attempt to find Mary’s Tower

I had no idea where it was despite the fact that the article stated clearly what road it was on. I guess that’s why all the fan sites were filled with posts saying “I traveled up and down that road and couldn’t find it!” The other thing all the post indicated was that there was absolutely no place to park. In September 2003, I gathered my wife and a friend and decided to try to find it. Like everyone else we checked out the street in question, as well as another one that was frequently mentioned.

We could not find anything promising (although if I were alone and had time I might’ve been tempted to explore a few patches of woods). Unfortunately we found nowhere to park anywhere on or near this road. The road was one lane in each direction, there were no businesses where you could park, and no room on the side of the road to pull over to.

I was about to give up when I decided to give it check out one thing which caught my eye. I had dismissed it as not being the right spot, but after thoroughly exploring the road I decided I had nothing to lose. Soon I was driving on a small dirt road. It was very long, very bumpy, and with heavy vegetation on both sides, there was no room to turn around. I saw some construction equipment down a ways and wanted to head back but had no means of doing that so I pressed on. Just past the backhoe I could see a house and a driveway with cars. I now realized this was not a narrow road, it was a really long driveway. Ooops. That would make the guy on the backhoe the property owner. Double oops.

I decided to play the only card I could. I pretended I was a photography student, looking for something I heard would be good subject matter for my final project. “Is there some sort of tower around here?” This is where things turned scary. First of all, the guy was about 55 and had only one eye. I don’t know what was creepier: the fact that he had one eye or the fact that the lone eye looked like it had some serious glaucoma going on. It had that white milky covering the eye, and it took all my ability not to stare at him.

“It’s my tower, it’s not abandoned. Now I got kids coming from all over trying to find this tower and I’m sick of it. You probably know already there’s nowhere to park around here. If you pull over on the side of the road the neighbors will know why you’re there and you’ll get a $100 ticket. The cops will be there therefore you can get back to your car. Now why don’t you just turn around & leave.”

I decided this was a good idea and got back in my car. His dog was somewhere, and I thought it was behind the car so I pulled forward so I could go make a u-turn. As I put it into park the dog darts from in front of my car, so I got endless ribbing the rest of the day about almost killing the one eyed guy’s dog… The dog came around but kept wandering in front of my car so I asked the guy to get his dog out of my way, and we finally drove off.

I’ve since seen a few posts in some forums by folks claiming they found it. They seem credible. All I can say is I don’t recommend folks trying to find it. Obviously the fact that there have been lots of folks searching for has raised neighbors awareness and that’s bad for all of us. Besides all of this there really is no parking anywhere nearby. The streets where it’s located go for at least 1-2 miles in all directions with just two lanes, one each way. There are no businesses anywhere nearby, so the best you can do is park on the shoulder when there is one. But you might as well put out a sign that says “Out seeking Mary’s Tower, be right back”.


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  1. Posted by John on January 18, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    You can’t have visited recently since it was torn down prior to your 2009 posts. All that remains is the foundation of where it stood.

    I have to wonder why people on WeirdNJ keep claiming there were 5 levels counting the roof and a bathroom on every floor. There were only 4 levels counting the roof. There was the living room floor, two levels of bedrooms and then the roof. Only the living room floor and second floor had a bathroom. The third floor had a tiny bedroom where the bathroom was on the other floors.

    The quickist way to get there was actually from Decker Rd not Oak Grove Rd.

    The only scary thing there was worrying about being caught and perhaps arrested. The building itself wasn’t scary in the least, it was like any other decrepit structure. The graffiti and trashing of it by vandals was pretty sad and the arson was even worse. Sadly it seems people have to ruin it for others instead of leaving things for others to visit and explore.

    Since it has already been destroyed and thus giving away its location w ill do no harm I will explain where it was.

    If one looks at a map of Decker Road (running South from Oak Grove Rd) on the left side of Decker they will see 2 streams pictured on google maps. Now click on the satellite view. There are a collection of about 5 buildings on that left side of Decker Rd. Then to the left of these buildings are cleared spaces. In between the first clearing and second is a very small amount of bushes and a stream. In the second clearing is where Mary’s Tower was. You can see the foundation pictured right at the end of the clearing before the woods begin. The woods run north all the way to Oak Grove Rd. The woods take alot longer than to just take Decker Rd.


  2. Posted by Carolyn on March 18, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    Just got an email from you about Skillman and noticed you had your own website so I decided to check it out. It’s very good. Now added to my favorites list! I am always looking for some adventure and love reading about these places. My kids went to Mary’s Tower with Video Cam. Short movie but the strangest thing happened. While my son was filming in the bathroom he did not notice anything weird. When we watched the tape at home you can see the image of a person behind him! Scary huh?


  3. Posted by Ashley on March 18, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    I was just reading your section about Mary’s Tower. I’ve been there several times and we haven’t gotten caught yet. If you go past the driveway there is a spot on the left where I usually park my car. I also have some pictures from there if you want them. Feel free to email me.


  4. Posted by Christina on March 18, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    I just read your story and wanted to find out when it was that you went to Mary’s Tower and if you had been back since. My friend Lisa and I went to Mary’s Tower twice. Once at night when all we did was walk back there, take some photos and look in the first floor. Then we went back during the day and went all through the house. It was creepy and definitely did not seem sturdy. The bathrooms on the top floors had flies all over the place. Reminded me of a story where a house had evil spirits and flies were all over it. I am a sensitive and can handle a lot when it comes to spirits. We hung out for a while and then I felt like it was time to go. Let me know if you go back or have gone back. The tower to me was definitely deserted, but there were also couches and flipped beds.


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