Stations of the Cross

A friend of mine attends a small college in northern NJ (which shall remain nameless out of privacy concerns). He knew I was into odd things and one day he told me about something strange he found in the woods on campus. The college bought the property from an old church to use as their campus many years ago. There was a convent on site and a nun graveyard. But what was most interesting is that they had these stone stations of the cross throughout the woods. The paint is peeling and the rock is crumbling in some cases, but they’re still in fairly decent condition.

It’s just weird to find this in the woods of a college like this… so we wandered thru the various stations. He had to explain some of them to me since I’m not Catholic. I’m familiar enough with Catholic dogma and tradition to understand most of it. I mean you see Jesus as he went to his death on the cross, it’s not hard to follow.

See all the photos here


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  1. Posted by Adrienne on March 18, 2009 at 10:57 PM

    I think I went to the college with the stations of the cross. I’ll have to go up there and look for them sometime. Anyway, great site! I’m looking forward to your updates.


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