Pole Art of Route 23

Located just North of Clinton Rd in West Milford, someone has cleverly managed to stash various objects atop a dozen telephone poles along Route 23. No one knows who, why or when he does it. They just suddenly “appear”. The poles do not have the typical side rails for climbing it, so you need either specialized pole climbing equipment or a bucket truck. This leads me to think that it may be a current (or former) employee of the phone or electric company. Regardless, it is a rather strange site to see these things atop the poles. They’re so small you almost might miss them. Further South on Route 23 about 3-4 miles are about another dozen poles that have been “decorated”. What makes me the most curious is how are they secured there? Bolts? Screws? Crazy glue?










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  1. Posted by Guinea Girl on March 19, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    Regarding the Pole Art, there’s one on Route 10 West that has been there since I moved back to Morris County in 1990. A Christmas stocking is at the top of the pole and it’s amazing weather hasn’t caused it to disintegrate. It has lost a lot of its luster, though, and is very grey. But it’s STILL THERE, across from Saturn of Denville. Love this site!


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