Saujte Tave’s Begraven Ground


The text of his marker reads as follows:

“Here lies the remains of Douwe Talema, who died on the 11th day of May, 1779, in his ninetieth year. This aged man at his residence near this place was willfully and barbarously murdered by Tories. Traitors to their country who had taken refuge with the troops of Britain then in New York, and came thence to murder & plunder. To pay a tribute of respect to his memory and also to commemorate the manner of his death, several of his relatives have erected this stone.”

According to local papers & eyewitness accounts, the Tories were searching for the family money, presumably hidden in a small chest. Refusing to cooperate Tallman said, “I am an old man, I can not injure you, and you will not hurt me.” The Tory response was to ram him with a bayonet. They then dragged him by the feet, his head hitting every stair as they exited the house. They then set fire to his house & barn. His granddaughter took him to her home nearby & he died the next day.



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