The graveyard on Clinton Road

Located at the start of Clinton Rd on Route 23, is a graveyard that is completely invisible from the road. Surrounded by a metal fence it, I couldn’t tell if this is a public graveyard or not. I stepped over a fence where part no the fence had fallen. Or was that the gate that fell down? //shrug. I walked under some very low hanging branches before emerging in the graveyard itself. Within view of the nearest homes, the graveyard is home to about a two dozen graves. The markers indicate that most of the deceased were buried in the early to mid 1900’s. The area has waist high grass in spots and is generally unkempt, although a few graves had recently been visited. Upon leaving, I noticed that an employee of the real estate office across the street was outside, so I decided to inquire. I asked about the graveyard and she said she thought it was public since she saw people going in there from time to time.

Or maybe local kids like hang out there and drink…

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