The urn found on Clinton Road

I received some emails from Vince about an urn of ashes he found on Clinton Road…

My name is Vince. I am a 32 year old happily married father of one. I just had a look at your great web site and had to e-mail you about what I found on my recent trip to Clinton Road. I have been to Clinton Road 4 times, and never saw or heard anything unusual. On my last visit, I pulled over on what I think is the south bound side. approximately 3 miles off of Rt. 23. I am not totally sure because I have the worst sense of direction. I love to go hiking & exploring, for lots of reasons. I am also a hunter and just love the out doors. I grew up in Teaneck N.J. and currently live in Secaucus N.J. I pulled over at this spot because it just looked like a good safe place to park, ( I just got a new BMW, LOVE IT!) so I’m still a little nervous about were I park.

Anyway, I pulled over and took a short walk, Behind a fence about 10 yards in, I found half buried, what appears to be, a very old urn. The urn is of average size in my opinion, about 7 & 1/2 inches tall by 5 & 1/2 inches wide. It was in the dirt from the base about 4 inches deep when I found it. The urn contains what also appears to be ashes. If the ashes are human or not, is just one of the many questions that are rolling around in my head. How did it get their? Who did it belong to? How old is it? So on and so on. urns are usually kept in the home or in a mausoleum of some sort, so who knows why it was put there, or who put it their, etc etc etc. Many Many questions, the more I think about it, the more questions I come up with! That is why I have not gotten rid of it. I do not have any plans for it yet, and I would really like to tell more people about it, so if you want to add the story to your website, feel free. You seem to be an expert on this place, so if you have any advice, please let me know.

;The urn gives me and my wife the creeps. She refuses to let me keep it in the house, so I keep it in the tool shed in my back yard. I have a REALLY creepy story about the first night I put the urn in the shed if you want to hear about it. I am not sure what to do with the urn, every one who looks at it tells me to get rid of it, and even though it gives me the creeps, I still find it very appealing for some crazy reason.

When I took this last trip to Clinton Road, I was alone, as I am usually, because my friends and wife all think I am a little nuts for liking places like this. Very much like the bones that you found, my wife demanded that I get rid of the urn, so in the tool shed it went. (It is my only secret from her that I still have it!) Her initial reaction when I showed it to her? Well, to be frank, she flipped her lid! She for the most part yelled at me, stuff like, “what were you thinking?!” “Bringing that thing into our house!” ” What are you nuts!” “Vin, I am really getting tired of all this!” “You running around in the woods, bringing weird creepy stuff home that you found!” “Get rid of it!” I drive her crazy, but she still loves me anyway. I refuse to throw it away. My friend John thinks I should sell it on E-bay. Pretty funny, I think I would feel a little bad about selling the possible remains of some one on the Internet. Again, if you have any advice, I would like to hear it, feel free to e-mail me. Many Thanks.


I asked a few questions and this was his answer.

William, I guess you can see why I find it so interesting. I think it is made of copper or brass. All I really know is 3 things about the urn. 1. It is an urn. 2. It contains ashes. & 3. I found it on Clinton Rd. William, when I was taking the pictures of the inside of the urn, my camera did not want to work. I had to try hard many times to get the photos that I sent. The flash would not work, the camera would not snap when I pushed the button, and many of the photos were not clear at all when I got them back from 1 hour photo. I took 2 rolls of film and the ones I sent were the best. If you notice, the ones with the urn open are much less clear than the ones with it closed. Can you tell me why? Most likely not. Anyway, thank you again for your great interest in the urn.

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  1. Posted by Bee on July 18, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    Seriously???? You took an ash-filled urn that someone half-buried in the woods? Your wife is right. Why would you do that? It could have been on someone’s property or an old forgotten cemetary of which there are plenty around that area. You seen like a nice fellow. Do the right thing and put it back.


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