Weird House in Mt Laurel

I received the following email from a reader

I don’t know if you ever heard of this house but it resides in mount laurel , nj. Since I was a child I remember always passing by it and always wished to explore it. I don’t have the exact address but it is located on church street in mount laurel nj; across the street from the wawa. it also has another building or small white shack in front of it that is also abandoned. As I grew up I heard a few stories about the old house. The first one was about an old black male that resided in the house for the fact of living there for free. He was what one would call a squatter(spelling?). I was told that people use to visit the place late at night and were attacked by the man trying to keep people out. it surprised me because on the few occasions I would sometime see a decrepit, dirty, unkept guy at the wawa who match the description well.

Years later a woman who lived in mount laurel was shopping at the local super g(no longer called that) grocery store when she mysteriously disappeared. She was from what I hear going through some form of mental health issues during the period. Her car was found with all her groceries in the car still parked at the super g grocery store parking lot. She was no where to be found.

A few days later a snow storm hit. The abandoned house on church street’s door was found wide open by a police officer. The nosy police officer decided to investigate and close the door of the house. when he came up to the door he found the super g lady who had been missing sprawled out on the floor. there was burned out white candle circled around her and a container of anti-freeze next to her. She was of course pronounced dead. Why she killed herself is beyond me.

Anyways, later in the year I decide to investigate the house with a buddy of mine. At the time we did not have any equipment with us to enter the house so we would have to wait a few months later until we came back to the house. at first there was only one way into the house and that was in a small window to the basement. Lucky for us we were not the first to come to the house since the last time we were there. A large area in houses wall was ripped open so we let are selves in. when we entered the house the age of it became very clear. I’d have to say 120-150 years old. it was relatively empty and thankfully not covered in spray paint. though the thing that creeped me out the most was when I entered the living room to find a car battery hooked up with wires which must of been some power source by someone earlier on. Also, there was a closet full of clothing. I started to think about the story of the older black guy who was said to have resided here. I calmed down once a few other friends joined us. the house had a very old style to it and the upstairs was still enough intact to go and explore up into it. though I warn anyone who enters upstairs to check each step they take because there are areas that feel iffy. We also checked out the basement which was small and some of the ground had sunken in. Most of the basement is more or less a crawl space. Watch your step on this area the stairs downstairs are well decayed. After leaving the building we found an old well in the back of the house. The well looked like it was straight out of the ring the movie. Its was all cement and had a large cement circler cover atop it. Its worth the travel to see it. Its very beautiful even in the state of it. I no longer live in new jersey I now live in texas but I will be making a trip back in about a month. I’ll be sure to send some picture your way.


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  1. Posted by Johnny Cellucci on December 1, 2015 at 9:03 PM

    There is a house on Hartford Road where the front porch roof has caved in.. Many people passing by late at night have told police that they seen a dark shadow of a man standing out front


  2. I live around there. I may investigate if, in fact, the house is still there. They may have knocked it down (as you said, it was rotting and decaying), and I don’t know of any houses on that street that fit the description.


  3. Posted by Korrine on October 29, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    Theres 10 houses that are abandoned on that road… whats going on with that area???


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