Cozy Lake Road

This road is really not much to speak of. I drove down Cozy Lake Rd and I didn’t feel remotely spooked, but as I reached the end I saw a very spooky looking road to one side so I turned around and checked it out. Relatively short, it pitted & torn up, barely even paved, with creepy trees, debris & trash all around and a swamp as well. Now this was somewhat scary… to my car’s shocks that is. In all seriousness if I had to drive this as night I would likely be unnerved. I can’t say much for the stories of a child who was allegedly killed here, but apparently Jefferson Township seemed to feel that there was a need to connect Cozy lake Rd & Maryann Rd, built this road, but never finished it, never named it, and just let it sit. Why? Who knows. But it is one scary road at night, and even a little bit in the day time. Good road to spook out your girlfriend on if you make up some dumbass story about it.



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  1. Posted by Don D on May 20, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    I live on Maryann Road and drive Cozy Lake Road on a daily basis. I haven’t heard any stories about it, but I can tell you more about the beat up, abandoned road. It’s actually a continuation on Lorna Lane (off of Maryann). I guess the town cut off the connection to Cozy Lake Road because of how steep it was, and to be honest, it’s pretty pointless and only cuts a minute off of a trip to the spot where Lorna connects to Maryann. I’ll ask some of the older neighbors by me if they have anymore information on why it was closed off, but I imagine it’s not too much of a story.


  2. Posted by Helmut on March 22, 2009 at 8:34 PM

    I grew up in Parsippany, just a few miles from Heartbeat Rd. As teenagers I can’t even remember how many nights I went there with my friends to scare the S out of each other! Now I live in Oak Ridge – only a few miles from Cozy Lake Rd. (and also only a few miles from Clinton Rd). I’m going to let my girls read your piece on Cozy Lake Rd and take them there after it gets dark. If they enjoy that, maybe we will head to Clinton Rd.


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