Devil Worshipping Grounds of Palisades Destroyed

I received an email telling me that someTHING (emphasis theirs) had destroyed the fence at the devil worshipping grounds. Also the site had been wrecked. I scoffed but when I got there I saw it was true…




The email was correct. The entire site has been destroyed. The table top had been removed, the base destroyed (pieces and splinters), and the tv shattered. Whoever destroyed the gate was quite determined. At the time, nobody knew about this place. I hadn’t told anybody, & hadn’t posted in my journal or in my forums. It hadn’t yet been mentioned in the weird nj forums either. I don’t know when exactly the destruction occured, but something seems weird about it. The gate is 10 feet from the road, and there is really no feasable way to accelerate hard and ram the gate. I can’t picture anything short of a humvee other large SUV doing this.

What I want to know is why? Whoever destroyed the gate would have done considerable damage to their vehicle. I found pieces of headlight, and a lamp like you find on the top of jeeps and Humvees. Why damage an expensive vehicle like that? I can’t say if this is real satanists or not, but if it isn’t, someone went to a lot of trouble to convince folks that it is…. On a subsequent visit I saw that a chain was put across the entrance.

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