Garrett Mountain

Garrett Mountain features two very nice parks with some great hiking and spectacular views and lots of open space to sunbathe, play and hang out. Great, but what’s so weird? Well first off you’ve got Ed Geil, an Elvis impersonator who plays every day at parking area #7. You’ve also got Lambert Castle, and its 70 ft observation tower overlooking the cliffs. It has fallen into disrepair and hasn’t been open to visitors since the late 60’s. Mostly though it’s the stories about the place. There are stories of satanic ritual circles being found in the woods, as well as unusual creatures with red eyes being seen. There are tales of ghosts along the hiking trails.

I don’t believe any of it. If you’ve had a weird experience here, please post about it.

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  1. Posted by Frank Kurdyla on February 6, 2017 at 9:58 AM

    Ive been hiking around both parks, Garret and Rifle. Both have very strange structures made from fallen trees. Deliberate x like formations with many logs placed towards eachother. If it were human creations, then it would take many individuals with great strength to create. Or just chalk it up to coincidence by nature.f


  2. Posted by dutchess on July 24, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    In the 1990’s I was traveling with an amusement company and we stationed at Garret Mountain for a week. One evening while it was still daylight a strong wind started to blow up any garbage that was on the ground and wisp it around. A german shepard dog that was with us started jumping up in the air and was growling fiercely and biting at nothing but the wind. Some people said they had seen a women in a white dress walking around at night. Also there are caves under the cliff, and vagrants were seen on the paths possibly living there? I do believe the the place is haunted.


  3. […] is a nominal fee to visit the museum. The Castle grounds are open everyday from dawn to dusk. The Garret Mountain Reservation Park and the nearby Rifle Camp Park are open everyday from dawn to dusk […]


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