The collapsing mines of N Arlington

In June of 2003, an old problem resurfaced in North Arlington. The town sits over numerous copper mine shafts dating back to the 18th century. In the late 1980’s one backyard was swallowed up on Scuyler Ave and another on Forest Ave. 2.7 million dollars later, over 27 old shafts were filled in. Residents thought that was the end of it, but maybe not. On Morton Place a depression was discovered in a sidewalk, and when it was investigated, engineers found cavities ranging from 5 to 35 feet deep.

The dead end street was closed and the family whose home sat next to the sidewalk depression were evacuated for safety. Federal funds were approved to fix the problem, which further investigation revealed was related to the old Schuyler Copper mines. The $380,000 grant paid for the “voids” to be filled in with material and then the sidewalk to be rebuilt. Officials do not think any homes were in danger, as they were the last time this issue came up.

Town officials believe this to be an isolated incidents. Said Mayor Russ Pitman, “There are whole towns in Pennsylvania above working mines.” Local resident Linda Wicks wasn’t convinced though. “Two more years and I’m outta here.”

In researching the mines I came across this article which states that the first steam engine in America was used to pump water from one of the Schuyler mines in 1754.

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  1. Posted by Lloyd on March 22, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    Hi, I read your story about the copper mines in N.Arlington.In the 40s I was there almost every day with my rifle and dog and friends.We had so much fun there.I have so many memroies of that place.I am now 75 years old and I still think of that place.Went to KHS too.


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