The Neon Boneyard

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Prior to taking my first trip to Las vegas, I though it might be fun to try exploring some of the ghost towns in the area. We needed to do research, maybe buy a book or two and certainly get some maps. I figured a museum or place that documented history or nature would be a good place to start, so we headed for the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History. They didn’t have what I wanted but pointed me in the right direction, and it was on the way to that place that we found this neon boneyard. I snapped a few pics over the fence surrounding the facility.

At the time the boneyard was a storage facility for a planned neon museum. The museum has since opened and you can learn about it at their website.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

A preservation group is collecting classic Vegas neon signs for a neon museum. The storage facility, known as the Neon Boneyard, is located just outside of town

The museum has an outdoor displayed, located (where else?) but in Neonopolis, located in the older part of Vegas. Click here for pictures

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