Whipporwill Valley Rd


A fan tipped me off to this, but honestly it’s not much to talk about. It’s an unpaved dirty pitted road, located very close to the Cry Baby Bridge so if you wanted to scare your friends, take a drive down these two roads. Nothing weird happened to us when we went, although we did see some albino…. horses. I did spot two buildings, barns maybe? Falling apart by the left side of the road. I am glad it was winter because I would’ve been ankle deep in muddy water, not to mention torn apart by the stickerbushes, and all for relatively nothing. The buildings were empty, with their eaten up roof letting in murky daylight. The doors were iron or something, that was interesting. But otherwise there ain’t much to see, unless you wanna scare your friends with a midnight drive down a dirty spooky road….




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  1. …I took a shortcut down this road by bicycle one summer. I was looking for a shortcut to get from Rockaway towards Sussex. It should have been a nice trip but there was something unsettling about the road. It was very quiet and no birds chirped. I didn’t actually “see” anything unusual but felt a great depression and uneasiness well until I made it across the bridge and back onto the main highway. I knew nothing about the legends or folklore at that time.

    There seemed to be some ruins of an old mansion or castle-type ruin on one of the roads. I was with another person and she felt it also. We had light touring bikes and had to walk them a good deal of the way. At one point the road looked almost like a washed out stream bed. There were deer flies that bit.

    We felt glad to be out of the place.


  2. i thought it was wierd. a car came out of nowhere and was going fast down rocky curvy road and kept tailgaiting with its high beams on. At the end, though it wasn’t there anymore.


  3. Posted by maranda on June 10, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    hahah this is so funny to me.
    ive grown up on this road since i was about 4. my best friends live in that barn to the left. ive kept my horses in that white barn for as long as i can remember. ive camped out in the stalls, feilds, road, ect. since i was little.


  4. Posted by KJ on March 22, 2009 at 8:57 PM

    Dude… WHIPPORWILL VALLEY ROAD in MIddletown, NJ The road is, well you know, hopefully. If not go on Midnightsociety.com. I have, many times explored the trails that shot off of the road and into the woods, and let me tell you there is alot to see. Home in the middle of no where, all the KKK markings, an odd ??construction site?? off in the woods, and ofcoarse more. It is great, plus the landscape is just beautiful.( Note giant fields ) YOULL LOVE IT! Also Cooper Road, but Whipporwill has much more to offer.


    • Posted by brian on April 20, 2009 at 11:15 AM

      i was down bolth of those roads and we were oing really really fast and than all we see is a car comeout of no were bhind us and it happen two times
      it was crazy we went like 1:00 it was freakey have u had any of those experince let me kno plz i want to kno more about thease roads and pic too plz email me


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