Asbury Park Airport

Originally called Schlossbach Field, it was built in the 1940’s and closed around 1977. Tom Rutherford reported in 2005, “It looks like they are going to build an upscale mall on that site some time in the next year or two. The shopping malls are popping up all over that area. So far they have build a huge WalMart & Home Depot in the area & there are talks of this new mall. The runway is still there.”

Asbury Park airfield is still there, though locals with ATV have carved numerous trails into the woods & the property is up for sale. There are 3 construction vehicles on site and certain sections (very small sections) appear to have been leveled like a lawnmower. Also something very strange was that some trees were being dug up & their roots wrapped, as if they were going to be sold or transplanted elsewhere.”



More photos here


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