The Bicycle Lady of Bloomfield

I received the following email from Richard about the bicycle lady.

I was dropping my sons friend off by Brookdale Shop Rite in Bloomfield on Broad Street one night between 10-10:30pm and across the street we saw an old lady riding a banana seat bike on the sidewalk on Broad Street between Mountain Ave and Bellevue and she turned up Bellevue Ave. I have to say she looked really weird and the boys were freaked out. We all had goosebumps. Of course we checked it out another night between 10-10:45pm another night and there she was.. and it was freezing outside below freezing. Of course the kids wanted to yell out to her and I told the boys to be respectful. I am so curious about this woman..she has to be in her mid seventies. The boys swear she is a ghost. I just think that it is a woman who does her exercise nightly on the bike. Check it out and let me know what you think. My only concern about telling anyone about this is that I don’t want a lot of people to go watch her like a freak show or something. But I figured you would wanna check her out. I’m telling you man…it’s strange. I would say she is there every night around the same time. Contact me and tell me what you think…thanks. keep up the good work.


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  1. Posted by Mike on March 23, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    hello again…two nights ago I went to Lincoln Blvd again to show a friend…drove around a lot more this time…counted at least 4 rusted out vehicles by roadside… neighborhood turns to crap even more once you get off Lincoln Blvd proper…definitely a weird place…went up to demon’s alley that night…they actually had new city road plowed quite well I was surprised…so many of the boards on the windows are all broken in, its kind of a shame…so not much new on those two places…just wanted to confirm the story on the bicycle lady of broad street in Bloomfield…that guy who emailed had it right on the money…I actually work in Brookdale Shoprite right across the street…haven’t seen the woman recently since I work the early shift now…but up to about 6 months ago I used to get out of work a lot around 10PM or so…more often than not would see this lady on her old banana seat bike…would always make me smile, riding safely on the sidewalk out of harm’s way…lol…well, take care and have fun –mike


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