The mad rapper of Teaneck and the Hackensack Dancer

The Mad Rapper is infamous in Teaneck. We see him 2-3x per week on Teaneck Rd. He’s a young black guy who listens to his rap music with huge headphones. What makes him so unusual is that he typically walks down the middle of Teaneck Rd, rapping & singing at the top of his voice. We can hear him coming from a block away. He weaves thru traffic as if it isn’t there. We just know some day he’s gonna go splat. On the other hand, you’d have to be blind & deaf to not see this guy from blocks away, so he’s easy to avoid I guess. I’ve seen him carrying postal mail crates over by the W Englewood post office, rapping & dancing all the way. I don’t know if he works for the post office or not, somehow he just doesn’t fit the profile of a postal worker. Sadly I’ve never caught a picture of him…

The Hackensack dancer can be found on River Road in Hackensack near Sears (which is apparently his favorite hang out), listening to his headphones, dancing and shaking his thing. One major difference between the two music aficionados is that the Hackensack Dancer listens to his music and dances, whereas the Mad Rapper sings out the tunes at top volume.


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