The other side of the Kill Yourself Bridge


Up until this point I had never gone night riding (exploring spooky roads at night). I’ve always gone during the day, not because I was afraid but because I often would be visiting other places that would require daylight to see by. I decided to go night riding one Saturday to see if these spooky roads would be any different at night. I drove on Clinton Road, Split Rock Road and finally headed for the Kill Yourself Bridge. Most of the roads were more creepy, but the Kill Yourself Bridge was something else…

I had previously visited Water Works Rd but got stopped half way down by a mound of dirt from construction. This time I approached from the other side. It appears there may have been a gate across the road but it was smashed aside long ago. The road here is much more narrow and much rockier then the other side. There is barely enough room for one car to make it through, and if you encountered trouble you’d have to back up on that road, no simple trick.

While driving down I kept the windows shut, the doors locked and the heater running (it was below zero with the wind chill) I kept the moon roof open and snapped pictures through the roof. Hey it beat keeping the window open, so any crazies would have to jump onto the car and try to come over the top. Otherwise they could just reach through your window and who wants to risk that? I found the bridge with no trouble …


The real scare came after I passed the bridge. I saw lights to the left and I said “more houses!” but it was nothing more then a sign in the woods which reflected the moonlight quite brightly. The biggest scare was yet to come…. I’, driving and all of sudden saw “a mental patient in a hospital gown” down the road. Then I realized it looked a tad too bright in the car headlights and drove closer, and I knew what it was, but I couldn’t get the words out I was fumbling and I thought “skeleton” and of course that made it worse … finally got close enough to see …



…that it was a WWE inflatable doll. Someone clearly has a good sense of humor. I laughed my ass off afterwards. I drove down and encountered the same dirt mound and turned back around.

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