The Pump House

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Built in 1882, the Pump House served as the pumping station for Richmond’s water supply, as well as an open air public dance hall. This Gothic Revival building is one of the only buildings in the country that served as a public utility and social venue. The Pump House is next to the remains of the first operating canal system in the United States. Closed in 1924, the Pump House was slated for demolition and has remained in city ownership since then. The park is open but the Pump House building is closed to the public, which really is disappointing. The park is extremely pretty and if I had the time I would’ve loved to have explored the rest of the canals, which reportedly stretch over 3 miles. The building itself is quite gothic. The stone work seems to all be in good shape, but it casts a heavy, old feeling, and I imagine this place must be pretty creepy at night. If you’re in the area I certainly recommend stopping by to check this place out.






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