Demon’s Alley


Demon’s Alley is another example of a well known (in Weird NJ circles) place which is over-rated. And yet it’s worth a trip anyway. Confused? Let me explain. First off, what exactly is Demon’s Alley anyway? It is a small section of road where there are a half dozen abandoned homes, which by itself is rather unusual. One or two abandoned homes? Blame the economy. A half dozen all on the same block? Well there’s got to be a story there somewhere, and there is, it’s just a tad boring…

The road is on Newark Watershed Land, in West Milford, near several reservoirs. The first stories about the places had the usual bullshit-hype behind it. Satanic cults, ritual murders, etc. The truth? Well in a letter to Weird NJ which was printed in the following issue, the Newark Watershed Commission stated that the properties were used to house employees. Known simply as the New City Complex, the letter simply states that the properties aren’t being utilized for housing. No duh. A separate letter states that homes were abandoned because of radon, which is, from what I understand the real truth. That would explain why they left behind personal items and furniture. When a home is contaminated with radon it gets into everything and little can be taken with you.

I recently was in the area and I had to visit and was actually quite surprised by what I found. First off, from letters I had read I the impression that the entire area, road and property and all were cordoned off, presumably by a fence. No such deal. I pulled off Route 23 and I saw the side street in question was right there with the houses in plain sight. Turned off and pulled to the side and began snapping pictures. The houses themselves are beginning to fall apart, especially the roofs. The doors and windows are all solidly covered with plywood, with one exception. Some folks may have no problem B&E, but I do. In their letter to Weird NJ, the Watershed Commission made it clear that anyone trespassing will be arrested.

Somehow I don’t doubt their sincerity. The condition of the plywood clearly indicates that whenever someone breaks in, the entrance is quickly covered up. This is the second really odd thing: for whatever reason, they paint the plywood to look like window shades. Now this is so obvious it can’t be meant to really fool you, yet why go to the trouble? Perhaps to cover the copious amounts of graffiti that cover the buildings?


The only building with any entrance appeared to be some sort of garage or shed. It has a large opening which appears to have had no attempt to be covered. After about 10 minutes of observing (without trespassing) I finally left. I can say that this place would give me the heebie-jeebies at night, even with my knowledge of the real reason why this place was abandoned. I must say if I had skittish friends, I could play quite a bit of mind games with them if I were to bring them here at midnight….




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  1. Posted by Allan Fisch on December 3, 2017 at 10:07 PM

    Do you recall seeing in front of one of the houses, close to the road, a sort of small studio type building near one of the ends of the street? That was my grandfather’s office when he worked for the city in the 1950s. He did of a massive heart attack there in 1957 right after my mom graduated high school. Mom took us there in the late 70s and things were still standing and some of her old neighbors were still there as well.


  2. Demons Alley is a small section of road where there are a half dozen abandoned homes, it means there must be some kind of tragic history.


  3. Posted by jan cooper on February 18, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    I remember these houses on the New City Triangle when people were living in them. Newark watershed rented them out to people. As a school bus driver for West Milford we had a bus stop there to drop off kid. So ghost stories. Just people trying to live their lives like everyone else. I remember something being in the Suberben Trends about the reason the people left. Newark wanted to do something with the property and changed their minds and left it a mess.


  4. Posted by Greggory on June 25, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    I heard that it was a Motorcycle Club/cult. I find that Motorcycle clubs that REALLY worship Satan and pray to Evil are usually the smallest and most dangerous. Anytime a club feels it is empowered by Dark Forces they are religiuosly motivated and therefore a large threat to our safety.
    Religious Zealots are very much like terrorists in that they are happy to live for, Die for, and shed blood for their club.
    Clubs like Black Rebels and Satans Helpers are true satan worshipping cults and MC clubs. Another one I recently had the misfortune of talking to was Zoroastrian Mc from Minneapolis who openly worship Satan and carve pentagrams in the back of their hands. The ZMC, as they jokingly call themselves, worship Fire and it is incorporated into their swearing in process.
    I spent the summer of 2010 with a club from MO called Satans Sister. They held mandatory meetings weekly and all were filled with Satan worshipping and Fire ceremonies. They pray to Satan at the beginning and end of all meetings. These type of underground cult clubs need to be watched closely and present an ever present danger to us all as they are motivated by evil religous forces.


  5. This is sooo wierd and How many ppl were killed in this builing?


  6. This mysterious, eerie town has had legends, myths, and a whole lot of hoopla surrounding it with no educated, rational explaination as to why it’s been abandoned. My reasoning and explaination is simple, some groups of people have built their happy homes not realizing that here in this supposed free country, you have to be accounted by the federal government that you are living on this “Free Land” and have to buy it from them and pay your taxes, or if you don’t, you’ll get your land and property taken from you. So much for the “Land of the free”. But, that’s pretty much the nuts and bolts as to why suddenly everyone disappeared. With their land and their homes taken from them, they all left quietly and had to live among the counted folks (“That’s why they take a census on everyone, they want to make sure that they have everyone under their dictatorship.”)There is no real mystery if you do some conjecture based on researches. I’ve never researched “Demons Alley” at all. I came across this at random. But I’m a critical thinking person. I don’t believe in ghost nor any monsters of any kind. I believe that we have yet to discover some things on earth, but the real things to pay attention to is your role here in this false, not so sovereign as you think, country. Are we really free or simply just more like privileged slaves. I’m afraid that we are the latter, because no truely free man has to answer to anyone and pay money just to live life fully. Anyway, that’s what I think happened here in West Milford, NJ. No money to pay our masters the taxes, no ownership of land and home. It’s really simple.


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