The longest lights in NJ

The average red light in the US lasts 45 seconds. These are the two longest traffic lights in the state of NJ. The first one is over 2 minutes, and the second one is 3 minutes. What might make you crazy is that there are no cross streets and hardly ever any traffic. So why are they so long?

The photo below was taken on Seven Bridges Rd on Mystic Island near Tuckerton. It is a two lane road that goes over over the marshes and conencts several islands over seven bridges, thus the name. The bridges were built with only one lane and they have blind curves, so to insure that a driver can safely get across and not run into someone else, there is a light on each of the last 3 bridges, and 2 minutes is the amount of time they figure is safe to ensure that there’s no one still coming. Just watch for fisherman on these bridges though….


This picture was taken just off the last exit on Route 80 in NJ and leads to Old Mine Rd, one of the oldest roads in the United States. It takes you thru the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and leads to the town of Walpack. Like the road above, it is primarily a two lane road, but at one lengthy stretch the road can only accomdate one lane of traffic. To allow people to safely get past this narrow section of road, the light is 3 minutes long.

Needless to say, this is one place you never ever want to run these red lights….


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