The strange kids swimming at RWJ Children Hospital

The façade of RWJ Children’s Hospital is warm and inviting. The hospital specializes in childrens care so it was designed with children in mind. Part of the outside decor is a large fountain, which the main driveway entrance encircles. The fountain features a half dozen mannequin children, playing and splashing in and around the water.

One child is frozen in the middle of undressing, one is halfway out of the pool/fountain, while others frolic near the spigots of water (that run during the summer). What makes this creepy is that during winter there’s no water running, and its rather unnerving to see a child getting undressed when there’s snow on the ground. Furthermore, parts of the children are painted silver, to mimic the effect of being wet, I presume. Unfortunately this gives them a robotic look, as if the T-1000 from the terminator movies gave birth to children who couldn’t fully form human shapes.






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