Odd House of Weehawken

Rudy Bramm is retired employee from MSG who creates art out of everyday objects. He displays them thruout his home, both inside & out. When I first found this house, the owner Mr Bramm was just leaving. He offered to give me a tour if he weren’t busy. I followed up on the offer and Mr Bramm showed me his art gallery/home. Mr Bramm has been featured on various news shows and in magazines. So many people have commented on his house & his art that he should have a show at an art gallery. “but unfortunately I’m an artist, not a business man, which means I’m not an artist either.”

The house is really one flowing piece of art. Individual pieces blend into designs made on the walls and ceilings, and you really can’t tell where one piece of art end and another begins because your eye keep flowing seamlessly from one piece to another. That isn’t to say that you can’t tell individual pieces, it’s just that there are soooo many of them that they form one large collective piece. Created from common items like brooms, toys, Formica tiles, jars and miscellaneous doo-dads, they tell a story. Sometimes. Mr Bramm says that many pieces are meant as dedication to family & friends who have passed away.

Mr Bramm began by showing me the garage. It’s very hard to really describe what I saw. There were a few pieces that involved lights (which he activated for me) and as my eyes flowed from one piece to another, Mr Bramm said he got the components for his work from “a variety of places. “People give me things. When things come into my possession, I use them, and it works.” The tour took me along the side of the house, down an alley between his property & the next. Several of the pieces here involved children’s toys.

The doors are ornately covered with art and the door to the basement was no exception. Inside I saw rows & rows of paintings stacked nearly as if I were in a gallery. The walls were adorned all the way to the 8 foot ceilings with all manner of his art. The tour led into his backyard where I saw the piece I loved the most, shown below. His dog was quite friendly and followed me on the tour. He then led me upstairs and into his 2nd floor apartment (he rents the 1st & 3rd floor). His wife was leaving as we walked in, so he showed me his studio, as well as hers (she paints too).









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