The IF House


The house looks like the letters I and F. No one knows if it was intentional and if so, what the reason was. Most people assume it’s some sort of inside joke.

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  1. Posted by Sandra Richardson on July 3, 2018 at 9:40 AM

    My aunt and uncle built it. The “IF” was totally unintentional on their part. Not sure about the architect’s intentions. It was such a cool house when they designed it. Had custom vertical blinds that matched the wallpaper and a huge sunken tub in the master. Ha! None of us noticed the “If” on the outside. Lol! They sold it many years ago and moved to Florida. I wonder what it looks like inside now. No murders or mafia connections when they owned it, although my uncle does look like Al Pachino. 😂


  2. someone give directions to here please.


  3. Posted by Dean on March 31, 2009 at 5:03 PM

    The IF house next to GIF business entrance was home to the Mafia a while ago , probably in the 70-80’s. Well, my friends uncle and aunt lived right next door to the IF house. The uncle got into an argument of some sort with the Mafia. The Mafia then killed him and put him in the trunk of the car. The police later found it there when the aunt reported the uncle missing. That is the person who midnight talked about. The aunt still lives next to the IF house today, but the IF house is home to wealthy regular people. To confirm that my there really was a murder there, a while ago, my brother’s friend’s family was looking for a house in Wayne. So they went to the IF House to look at it. The realtor selling it told them that there was a murder here before, because you have to report the history of the house by law. The IF house indeed has an interesting history.


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