The Grave of Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist who work was published in the New York Evening Journal and the New York Evening Mail. He was of the belief that people seemed inclined to seek the most difficult way to accomplish easy tasks, and so many of his cartoons were of complicsated machinery, leading to the term “a Rube Goldberg machine” Purdue University holds a contest every year in which a problem must be solved. The most laborious devices that can solve the problem wins, as long as it has at lesat 20 steps.’

In other countries such types of devices are known under different names, because many other countries had cartoonists drawing similar types of convoluted machinery.


His is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hawthorne, New York.


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  1. Thanks mnuch – it is very interesting to see Rube Goldberg’s signature in the memorial marker


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