Stables and horse barn

I saw this barn while I was investigating something else and stopped by. It was clearly not abandoned, but the owner was very cooperative. He invited me to come back and take all the photos I wanted, which I was happy to do. The property used to be a horse stable with a 1/2 mile race track to train horses on. There was a main master house with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 4 fireplaces. There was also a servants houses, the barn and stables, as well as another servants house where the current owner lived.

As we approached the master house we saw a giant turkey vulture land on the chimney but we were too far away to get a decent picture. Also as we approached closer there were curtains waving in the wind, but when we went inside there were no open doors or windows, and the curtains had stopped waving… Spooky.

Lots more pictures here





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