the dirtiest farm ever

This farm apparently was acquired thru a green acres program because there were signs saying no hunting or fishing, and then a list of state park regulations. The reason I called this a filthy farm is there were two rooms in a barn that were covered with 20-30 different messages, all of them obscene, all of them directed at someone named Bloomberg. Is this Mike Bloomberg? Are they an angry NY’er with an odd sense of direction? (it’s located near the Delaware Water Gap) or is their anger directed at some other Bloomberg. Whoever did this strikes me as seriously disturbed. I would not want to meet them.

All the photos can be found here

slaughterhouse 011

slaughterhouse 017

slaughterhouse 042

slaughterhouse 060

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  1. Posted by Carly on January 2, 2011 at 12:44 AM

    Perhaps the same artist? There is also a house is Allamuchy with handwriting just like this. It was in a recent issue of Weird NJ, although I forget which one…


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