The graveyard at the nursery school

This United Methodist Church was established in 1870, making it one of the oldest churches the state of NJ. It was located on what is now Route 23 for 100 years, until 1973 when the congregation moved to Newfoundland, where they are to this day. The graveyard, though, remained. The church building became the home to Hosica Laboratories Inc, and later to AIM Action News. Then on 2003, the Little Red School House Nursery School bought the building. Apparently the graveyard and the land it’s on still belongs to the church, but it physically butts up against the building of the nursery school.

There is no yard to play in because there are dead bodies where the play area traditionally would be. “It’s unusual, but it’s not a problem,” said the current owner. I noticed all the windows in the building are of chest high in the back of the building, which is just as well because if they were any lower the kids could see into the graveyard.





If the Adams Family ever needs a nursery school, this would be the place. Convenient place for the kids to play “wake the dead”.

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