Tripod Rock

Tripod Rock is a 170 ton rock balanced on 3 small boulders. There are many tripod rocks in the US but this is the largest. Geologists say it was left there during the retreat of the glaciers thousands of years ago, however it does line up along magnetically lines, and the summer solstice sets thru a small notch in the rock. Coincidence? The site held a spiritual significance for the local Indians, and even today for the spiritually inclined.

There is a geocache here

NJ Skylands article complete with hiking directions



It is a good 30 minute hike to get to Tripod Rock, over rugged terrain. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under 11 or for dogs, although I’ve seen both on my trip there. Nearby to the North is Whale Rock, and to the SE is Bareroke aka Bear Rock, shown below) They are much more mundane. Nothing weird, just two reallllly giant boulders left by retreating glaciers thousands of years ago.



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  1. Posted by Doug on April 7, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    great site you have there, I enjoy reading all of your weird stuff. Attached is a photo of the Tripod Rock located in High Point State Park. Have you been to this location in the past? It’s just amazing to see. This formation of rocks are about 10 feet from the base to the top. Looking down from the top it has a triangular shape and is pointing in a northerly direction. I have visited this spot for some 20 years now and every time I return it’s always amazing. It freaks the wife out and she will never go back to that spot. I don’t have any real stories about this or any info on who may have assembled it. If you would like to visit the Tripod Rock sometime in the future I would be happy to be your tour guide. Take care…………..Doug


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