The Octagon House of Bergen County

Houses of unusual shapes are natural eye catchers, and this one is no exception. This octagon house located in Montvale is currently home to Weddings by Perfect Limo. It was originally built in 1855 by John Blauvelt Jr, who followed the Orson Fowler design for octagonal buildings. You didn’t know there were design standards for octagonal houses? Well I didn’t either. Blauvelt lived in this house until 1882, then it passed to a series of mayors for Montvale, until it’s current owner took over.



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  1. Posted by Don B on April 8, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    There’s another house much like this in Hightstown, on the Northbound side of South Main Street / Old York Road. Though the colors are different, it looks to be an exact copy of the house pictured here.

    I’d love to see a floor plan for this type of home. I’m sure it would make furniture placement interesting!

    Thanks, love the new site!



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