The Route 9 Dinosaur

The Route 9 dinosaur is a landmark in Berkley Township, NJ. It may have started its life as a promotional item for the Sinclair Oil company, which used dinosaurs as their trademark. If the interview done by Roadside America is correct, then the Route 9 Dinosaur is a mufflerman.

At one time the dinosaur wore a covering for a carpet and flooring company, and now it stands in front of a home decoration store. The dinosaur has been beheaded by car accidents twice, which isn’t surprising considering how close it sits to the road and how dangerous Route 9 is. The owner of the building where the dinosaur sits had him rebuilt with steel and a molded fiberglass head. It seems this dinosaur will remain on the street as a landmark for years to come.


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  1. Posted by mr A on April 8, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    I know one of the former owners of the Octagon House in Montvale. The house registered as a historic house, and has hosted all sorts of small business including florist shop, real estate company. Wander over to the diner next door and you can see pictures of the house 50 yrs ago hanging on the wall. There is a Commerce bank on Chestnut Ridge Rd (across from the drug store) that has a giant mural of Octagon house on one it’s can see it from the road.


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