Fountains of Wayne is out of business

Stocks gets liquidated at auction

I wish I had known cause I could use some outdoor patio furniture. That said, this is kind of sad. It was kind of an icon, located on Route 46 in totowa just before the Willowbrook Mall and spaghetti junction. They were the inspiration for the band which bears their name, Fountains of Wayne. Lead singer Adam Schleinger is rumored to be related to one of the owners, but that’s just an urban legend. They just lived in Wayne and thought it was a cool name. There are stranger ways to pick a band name….


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  1. Posted by Louis on January 30, 2012 at 4:26 AM

    The Fountains of Wayne were also in an episode of the Sopranos when Tony caused a police officer to lose his job, he ended up working there. Tony went there to give him some money, which he refused.


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