Someone has cut a hole in the fuselage of the jet in the woods

I have covered the jet in the woods several times here on my blog. It generated quite a debate over what kind of plane it was until a local geocacher located the model # on the wing. I visit periodically and the last time was about a year ago when I went showed it to Bergen Record Columnist Bill Ervolino I visited the jet in the woods today and was shocked when I realized that someone had cut a piece of the fuselage out with a sawzall. This was the jet 5 years ago.

Here it is today.

I brought a friend with me and he commented that the jet might not be there given the rise in value of scrap metal. He told me the airplane was made from aluminum and that it wouldn’t be too hard to cut off pieces of it. I laughed at the idea commenting “even the military felt it was too much of a pain in the ass to remove it from these woods. How would anyone possibly do that now?” I guess if you have a sawzall you can cut it down to size and then it’s easy to remove….

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  1. […] neat local story, so I took him to the jet which he wrote an article about. I later discovered that someone had cut a piece of the jet out presumably for scrap metal. What a […]


  2. Posted by gypsywanderin on March 16, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    I think they went for whatever was on the inside and the outside hull was in the way of what they wanted


  3. People suck. Though I’d look for a dude named “Steve”
    I found plane wreckage in Massachusetts. When I showed photos, I would mention only the state as the location. It’s too easy to get to and souvenirs are too easy to take.


  4. It’s a shame that everything becomes a souvenir target or, worse, something that will show up on e-bay. It must be a real disappointment for you.


  5. Posted by Cindy on March 6, 2011 at 1:27 AM

    I am sorry one of your ‘fun places’ was vandalized as it was. I know how disappointed you must be. From how you describe the terrain, I also wonder how someone got the pieces out. I grew up in WM and know the area well, however, never got to see the plane, just heard stories. Anyway, thank you and keep posting about WM.


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