Act as if.

“There’s an important phrase that we use here and I think it’s time you all learned it. “Act as if”. Do you understand what that means? Act as if you are the fucking president of this firm. Act as if you have a nine inch cock. Act as if.” – Boiler Room (Video from the movie)

Why am I posting this? Because sometimes when doing what we do, you need to act as if. Act like you belong there. Security/cops come around a corner? Walk TO THEM and flag them down (as opposed to heading for the bushes). It shows confidence that you are in the right and don’t have a guilty conscience. Now of course you need to be prepared with a good explanation/cover story, but if you act as if, it goes a long way to establishing credibility for when you explain whats up.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by gypsywanderin on February 13, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    no….no….NO! ninja vanish is the way to go!
    lol when you see them ,learn to follow them!
    when you can get real close you are good!

    or if you really want to be not arrested …go the homeless route!
    get some old clothes from goodwill (mix and match something you normally don’t wear)or just use old clothes of yours (maybe a blouse of your wifes)
    get them dirty and stinky
    (you could fake some of that with spray paint but the idea is to be stinky…. make a bottle ,use something with a pull open top… some fish guts , raw beef ,piss, dog crap )
    lol some cat piss and crap….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    line one pants leg with a plastic bag so you can squirt it down…the idea is to have some props… bag of cans(leave the cans outside in mud/sun at home for awhile to give that old look) a bag of nonsense etc….. food… the idea is to eat some f ast food and save the left overs with a bunch of the bags…. if they do search it’s like yeah found that good stuff thrown out….lol ask for it back and eat something……
    now play the part….look at the ground …mumble…. scratch yourself! I mean like things are crawling over you and biting! important! the more you do it…the more they want to stay away from you


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