The Morse family plot » IMG_9335

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  1. Some of my ancestors are buried in a car junkyard in Tuckerton NJ–on property still owned by the same family for at least 120 years. If you want to check it out, use Bing to find Cramner’s Auto Salvage at 2015 Rte 542. The Cranmer descendants (fifth cousins of mine?) have cleaned the cemetery up a lot in the last 15 or more years.


    • Posted by lostinjersey on December 23, 2012 at 11:27 PM

      first off thanks for the tip. Second, is it open to the public, as in can I go in there and wander or would I need to speak to an employee and ask, Third is it surrounded by junk or somewhere like off to the side. It reminds me of this plant nursery in northern NJ. the entire back area is full of pallets of plants, stacks of fertilizer etc and it all surrounds this small island that goes up about 10 feet above the rest of the area. It’s fenced off and if you climb up there (which i asked and was given the ok to do theres headstones. So because the rest of the area was leveled off (and at a lower level) the headstones are … i dunno…. above ground level is the best way to put it. It’s an island amidst the items for sale. Very strange.


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