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I am currently posting old material to the blog. Some of them are entries that somehow were accidentally saved as drafts (so the news article may be a tad old). Other entries feature material that I never got around to publishing. Please be patient with me. I am finally updating the site and I hope you all enjoy the new(ish) material.

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  1. Antient alien. I once lived on wantage school road and wanted to share my experiences with the power and energy that particular area has harnessed .from a young age I have had dreams of floating over my home area in a space craft .I never new what the significance was until I moved far away and started to analyze my dreams .I now realize that the meganlift in the area had been attracting aliens for thousands of not millions of years .as a child I have felt the energy and never fully understood it and I’m not sure if I will but I do know that I am not the only one who has experienced thiis feeling of great knowing of the unknown .


  2. Antient alien.


  3. Posted by rick smart on March 14, 2015 at 1:25 PM

    How do I join blog. I graduated from LHS in ’58 and believe Richies grandson was in our class. Later became police officer in Livingston and responded to many fires at the Nike base behind Richies estate. Always had to wait at gate until desk officer confiemed with “The House” that it was a fire and not a raid–which did occur.


  4. Please see my comment in your kill yourself bridge post! Doing some research!


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