Prince Rodgers Cemetery

Located in Bridgewater about 5 yards from a major road and yet completely invisible from it, lies a small burial plot of slaves from the 1700’s. 





Located approximately 500 feet from Foothill Road and Bridge Rd in Bridgewater is a burial plot. Known as the Prince Rodgers cemetery, (it has also been referred to as the VanderVeer Burying Ground), there are a handful of headstones, several of which are broken.  Prince Rodgers was born in 1813 and was a slave of Cornelius Van Horn until being freed from slavery by his master at age 25. Other sources claim that Rodgers was a slave of the VanderVeer family. Completely forgotten despite being yards from the road, it sits between two homes one of which is owned, the other appears abandoned. Several years ago efforts began to restore the cemetery. Black plastic and wood chips have been laid down and the brush was cut back, but not much progress has been made since then and the weeds and brush have returned.


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  1. Have you checked out the two old graves behind Adamsville School up the hill where the woods used to be but are townhouses now in Bridgewater NJ? I lived on Harry Rd and my best friend and I used to clean around the graves when we were kids. Ms Harris who used to live in the woods said the two ladies,Sarah and Elizabeth ( whose baby is buried with her) were granted the land there by the King of England back in the1700’s. The graves were still there in the middle of the parking lot when I last visited in 95. Two beautiful large headstones.


  2. Posted by Cindy on September 7, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    I love old cemeteries! Thanks for posting this. Always enjoy your blog~


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